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Count on the staff at Education Consultants to provide you with excellent test preparation strategies. We offer SAT preparation information, as well as GRE and ACT preparation strategies to help you with some of the most important exams in your academic career. Call us at (888) 889-0994 to ask about our preparation materials.

Overcome Anxiety

To overcome test anxiety and fear of failure, Education Consultants teach specialized visualization techniques that are used to calm the students' fear of tests. Our research shows that one big reason students don't test to their full potential is due to fear of failure. We help students overcome this fear by instilling confidence and attitudes of success.

Increasing Scores

Our average gain on the SAT has been approximately 15% with respect to the writing, reading, and math Sections. We concentrate on effective strategies to teach each student the basics of writing the essay to conform to the SAT reader expectations. Furthermore, Typical results show an average gain of 4 points on the ACT reading comprehension Test, 4 points on the ACT math test, and an overall gain of approximately 3.2 points in the composite.

ACT Preparation Strategies:

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  • English—$9.95
  • Reading—$9.95
  • Science—$9.95
  • Math, English, Reading, Science ACT Preparation Strategies Package—$29.95
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